Authors:   Bushra [1], Rakhshi Hasan [2], DOI:


This study focuses on the diplomacies that men use to subdue their women to make them submissive within their households. To achieve the purpose, the writer analyzes the character of Shahzada from a feminist perspective. The character is from the novel The Holy Woman which is a realistic portrayal of Pakistani Society. To provide a proper background to the study, the writer is going to explains the concept of Feminism, comparing the status of women in Pakistan and the status of women in Islam i.e. the state religion of Pakistan. Under the paradigm of qualitative research methodology, the researcher applies the feminist approach to support the main character Shahzada to challenge patriarchy. This study discloses how women areoppressed and exploited by their male counterparts and what are the factors that support male domination, in Pakistani society. The researcher has concluded that Patriarchy and the wrong customs and beliefs that prevail in Pakistani society are the root causes of women subjugation.

Authors:   Zuhra Bibi [1], Hajra Qayum [2], DOI:


Misunderstanding and misinterpretation often occur in our everyday conversations. Paul Grice, a linguist, states that conversation will run smoothly and effectively if the interlocutors are cooperative. To make the conversation effective, the speakers are supposed to follow certain maxims; maxim of quality, quantity, relation and manner. The present study aimed to analyze the types and reasons of “non-observance of cooperative maxims by BS English VIII Semester Students in their group discussion”. The researchers used Grice’s theory to analyze the data. Descriptive qualitative approach was adopted for this study and the data was taken from the utterances of the students through recording, observation and note-taking. The results showed that students flouted, violated and opted out the “Gricean maxims” due to certain reasons such as; by giving more or less information, using hyperbole, idioms and irony, slang language, by being indirect, giving irrelevant answers and uttering different topic. The findings indicated that there were total of 37 utterances in which students did not follow the maxims. They have flouted the maxims in 29 utterances, violated in 6utterances and opted out in 2 utterances. This study evaluated that flouting of maxim of quantity frequently occurred in students’ group discussion

Authors:   Sumaira Muhammad [1], Javed Iqbal [2], DOI:


The present research is based on the role of the female character in advertisements, showcasing their projectedrole in television commercials. It illustrates that how a woman's body is used as a sex object for financial purposes. Many unforeseen factors improve how the ‘woman body’ is being used as a symbol of attraction for particular market purposes. The image of women is disguised and made fictitious to catch the viewer’s attention. In advertisements, the illustration of the woman is used to increase the particular product sale by advertising her beauty. Advertisements use the female body as a medium to manipulate the audience to buy a product. Most of the advertisements portrayed on television nowadays utilize women for the purpose to boost product sales.

Authors:   Marwa Munir [1], Dr. Ayaz Ahmad [2], DOI:


In Pakistan, English is taught as a second language. Phonics based approach is considered as basic constituent of reading for English as second language learners.This study aimed to find the effectiveness of phonics-based approach at primary level andto check the accuracy of spellings and oral reading in young ESL learners. The participants of the study were exposed to oral reading of texts and a spelling test was adapted for data collection. The reading and spelling accuracy were measured from the data collected from the primary sources. The results showed that the phonics-based approach is 97.6% and 92.1% effective for reading and spelling accuracy, respectively, in young ESL learners. The phonics-based approach is effective to be applied to the primary schools of ESL context.

Authors:   Dr. Liaqat Iqbal [1], Farooq Shah [2], Shumaila Samad [3], DOI:


‘My Last Duchess’ is one of the finest dramatic monologues written by Robert Browning. The poem depicts the patriarchy of the 19th-century Victorian society in which man manipulates woman following his own will and places them within the feminine regime. Although on the surface, the poem only represents a mural painting but upon reading it closely, it reveals the maltreatment of the women of Victorian society. The theory of Kate Millet has been applied to analyze Browning's selected poems. Textual analysis was used to approach the study in question. It was found that Browning has been a little ambivalent while treating women's nature; as he gives them a befitting thrashing but then at times he offers them a breathing space. Women were commodified, for example, the painting of the duchess. Women were taken for an object that is apparent from the Duke’s frequent use of words like wall, piece, design, paint, curtain, representing his arrogant nature towards women. On the other hand, women too, play a role in exploiting men. We see that when the Duke treats gender he sways between the two extremes, but the value of men in Browning’s outweighs that of women's.

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