Authors:   Dr. Sajjad Ali [1], Sameena [2], Syeda Shumaila [3], DOI: https://doi.org/10.37605/fahmiislam.v5i1.343


Gulool )ولغل )is a specific term in Islamic Jurisprudence which means to prevent the fury in war booty. It is the need of the time to enhance the application of war booty on the whole wealth of State. In Islamic theology, it has been prescribed by various jurisprudents that the wealth should be recovered from the betrayal at any cost and he must be persecuted according to the Islamic Jurisprudential laws. The Islamic Jurisprudence needs to be reconstructed because according to the exiting Islamic jurisprudential laws it may not be possible to prevent the fury of state wealth. In this regard Jurisprudents should review the laws of punishment of the betrayal of state wealth. This research study aims to highlight the significance, causes and recommendations to prevent all kind of fury from state wealth. It may be possible to declare the betrayal treacherous of the state and punish him accordingly. If we do not review our jurisprudential laws, we can’t be able to preserve the stat economy. Finally, we can say that Sharia in all terms highly condemns the Gulool.

Authors:   Zahid Farooq [1], Dr. Shahida Parveen [2], DOI: https://doi.org/10.37605/fahmiislam.v5i1.349


If someone in your country is persecuting you because your religion, creed, political group, race or nation is disliked by another group If someone in your country is following you because your religion, creed, political group, race or nation is something that any other group dislikes. Or you may have political asylum if you have ideas that could lead to persecution. The whole world especially Muslims are facing now a huge conflict and forced migrants due to their government policies. The conflict between government policies and nationals are being grow day by day. Therefore, Asylum and “refuge-seeking” are two important themes in International and Islamic history and Law. Often, Islamic theory and teachings relating to refugees and forced displacement are known as Hijrat/Migration law. It is quite different from modern refugee law. It arguably gives more protection to asylum-seekers and refugees (mustaminun). However, Hijrat law is rarely referred to or invoked today. If they were taken into consideration, it could contribute greatly to the protection of the forcibly displaced. It might also reduce the numerous problems refugees all over the globe are facing. This paper discusses the basic laws and configuration of migrants and their political asylum and rules of different Muslims

Authors:   Muslima Bibi [1], Prof. Mahuddin Hashmi [2], DOI: https://doi.org/10.37605/fahmiislam.v5i1.155


A human being is a unique creation of Allah Almighty. It is a combination of soul and body. Human beings also suffer from spiritual and physical ailments. The human body works like a machine. It comprises of different parts like the nose, eyes, brain, heart, feet, hands and many more. If a part of a machine does not work properly, the progress of the machine is affected. This is the condition of the human body too. The various organs of the human body also work like a machine’s parts. One of these organs is the ovary of a woman, which is a female reproductive organ. There are three major types of ovaries. Ovarian auto transplantation, ovarian allo transplantation, and ovarian iso transplantation. Shari'ah rulings of all these types of transplants have been overviewed in current fatwas. Auto transplantation of the ovary has been declared permissible while allo and iso transplantation of the ovary have been declared impermissible in all of the fatwas of different Shari'ah institutions. In the majority of fatwas, it has been said that ancestry would be affected by allo and isografts of ovary

Authors:   Dr. Nazia Bibi [1], Dr. Salma Anjum [2], Dr. Shafeeqa Bushra [3], DOI: https://doi.org/10.37605/fahmiislam.v5i1.412


Iqbal took the lead in the modern era, in alerting the Islamic nation to the need for literature that represents the morals of Islam, in which the Muslim writer is represented in the floods of faith, and drew attention to the absence of this literature in the contemporary cultural heritage. Iqbal’s role was not limited to calling for Islamic literature, but rather he practiced this literature. He presented a model of great ingenuity and magnificence. He was the best ambassador for this literature, as he combined poetic talent, philosophical wisdom, and Islamic belief. With him, Iqbal was and still is the spiritual father of Islamic literature, and the first founder in theory and practice. If there is nothing in contemporary Islamic literature but Iqbal's creations, that is enough. This article presents what manifests the theory of Islamic literature according to Iqbal by reviewing its impact on the emergence of Islamic literature, and his concept of Islamic literature and its function, in addition to revealing the characteristics and aesthetics of Islamic literature in his poetry, after he showed that the term Islamic literature is a relatively recent term that appeared In the fifties of the twentieth century, however, the historical reviews confirm the authenticity of its origins and the firmness of its roots, as well as confirming that it had a role in Islamic civilization in its various fields.

Authors:   Dr. Salma Shahida [1], DOI: https://doi.org/10.37605/fahmiislam.v5i1.411


Namely, the Republic of Iraq, with its capital in the city of Baghdad, Iraq is located in the western part of the continent of Asia, and it overlooks the Arabian Gulf. It is a federal parliamentary state, and it joins the membership of the League of Arab States, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, and OPEC. In the past, Iraq was called Mesopotamia. It is well-known that Iraq is the birthplace of many prophets, including Ibrahim Al-Khalil, Adam, Noah, Hood, Salih, Solomon, Dhul-Kifl, and Ayoub, peace be upon them all. It is also considered a shrine for many imams; Such as Imam Ali bin Abi Talib, Imam AlHussein, Imam Al-Abbas, Al-Kazimeen Imams, Imam Abu Hanifa Al-Numan and others. The republic consists of 18 officially recognized governorates, and an unofficial governorate in addition to the Halabja governorate in the Kurdistan region. These governorates have a population of approximately 37,056,169 people, according to 2015 statistics; Where the Arab sects constitute 80% of the total population, the Kurds constitute 15%, and the rest of the percentages are distributed among Assyrians, Turkmen, Armenians and other minorities. It is not easy to write about creativity in Iraq for a whole century within a few papers, for it is necessary to be patient, deliberate, and cautious before rooting the saying in evaluation and judgment in order to avoid falling into error in judgments, and to achieve a greater degree of objectivity. The stage is long, the poets are many, the stations at which one should stand are many, and the articulated poems that stirred the water of the blessing, and constituted a contribution to the modernization movement, starting from the stage of revival, and until the stage of open texts at the end of the last century differed, which made most critics’ opinions focus on the eras. Which rose to the level of transformations, and included between its wings generations of creators, so the talk about generati

Authors:   Abdul Wahid [1], Dr. Sami Ullah [2], Dr. Sahfeeqa Bushra [3], DOI: https://doi.org/10.37605/fahmiislam.v5i1.333


Islamic law is a comprehensive system for all matters of life and human behavior, and its rulings are valid for “all of humanity at every time and place”, “and since the family and the family are the first building block of society”, “and it is one of the families”, i.e.: strength,“with the strength of the family and its reform”, the society is strengthened and reformed, and the weakness and corruption of the family weakens Society and corrupts, and God Almighty has set a platform for the family to organize it, and since the “Pakistani family law is based on the Qur’an and Sunnah” according to the national constitution, so we Pakistanis are in dire need of studying a topic like this “in the light of Islamic law”, The researcher focuses on the statement of Sheikh Al-Taher bin Ashour’s opinion of the affairs of family rulings through his interpretation of “liberation and enlightenment.” Sheikh Ibn Ashour is “one of the most prominent scholars of the modern era” who served the purposes of Sharia, and cared about its secrets and rulings, and this phenomenon of legal purposes prevailed in all his works and writings, especially in His interpretation of “Liberation and Enlightenment,” which is considered a scientific encyclopedia, and the Sheikh combined authenticity and modernity together, and as the researcher mentions the impact of this study on Pakistani society, and the research will be in the form of two topics, demands and a conclusion, In sha Allah.

Authors:   Dr. Hafiz Ahmad Saeed Rana [1], DOI: https://doi.org/10.37605/fahmiislam.v5i1.342


This study aims to accentuate the the Atmospheric objects in the light of AlTamīz By Allama Abd Al-Aziz Al-Firhārví(1206AH-1239AH). Al-Firhārví is considered from the few muslim scholars of Indo-Pak who were expert in the traditional and conceptual knowledges. He has written a lot on the Philosophy and it’s sub branches like Theology, Physics(Al-Tabiīàt), Mathematics, Geomatry, Astrology, Medical etc. But few of these writings appeared in forms of manuscript to the society for the forlorn of time. One of these is Al-Tamīz in which Al-Firhārví dealt with mentioned sciences and he debated in this on the topic of atmosphere with all its factors and issues like Air Composition, Raining, Thunder of Clouds, Falling fire from the sky, Formation of Rainbow, Snow falling, Existence of different weathers like summer, winter etc. Al-Firhārví did arguments from Quran and Sunnah and formed his opinions basis on these. He also denied the views of Philosophers that came against to the Quran and Sunnah. So This study will elaborate the views of today’s scientists views in the thinkings of Quran and Sunnah which will bring the peace of mind in the society.

Volume No. 05

Issue No. 01