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Authors:   Abid Masood[1], Hifsa Batool[2], Saleha Ashraf[3], DOI:


The present study attempts to evaluate the availability of assessment facilities at government special education schools and to make a comparison of these available facilities among assessment professionals. Professionals (Speech Therapist, Psychologist, and Audiometerist) working at government special education schools of Faisalabad and Multan are the population of the study. The sample of the study is N=81 professionals (n= 39 Speech Therapists, n=36 Psychologists, and n=06 Audiometrists) selected through Simple random sampling technique. Assessment system evaluation questionnaire (ASEQ) is developed as a tool of study and reliability of the questionnaire is 0.886. It is found out after statistical analysis that the psychologist and speech therapist working at government special education institutes are in a greater amount as compare to audiometrists who are very few and it is found out that there is the significant difference among professionals related to the availability of assessment facilities for special students in government special education institutions. It is also analyzed that problems faced by the professionals regarding the assessment of special students at government special education schools have no significant difference. It is concluded that there should be arrangements for the availability of assessment material related to all assessment professionals in the schools so that they can do the best assessment that can be

Authors:   Ahmad Ali [1], Tajwar Ali [2], DOI:


West dominated global financial institutions like IMF and World Bank serves the interests of the US in a unipolar world. Some new emergent economies along with China have endeavored to counter these global hegemonic financial institutions by initiating new financial institutions in the form of BRICS and NDB. This paper attempts to explore the role of a rising China in BRICS, and how it makes ways for multipolarity. It further reveals the implications of the economic plans of BRICS nations in the western world. Through descriptive-analytical research, that draws inference from a mainly qualitative approach, this research has been informed from both primary and secondary data. China is successful in her approach towards global multipolarity, which is being countered by the US through a new Cold War. The western world should view the economic blocs and mounting economies optimistically as opportunities, not threats to avoid future conflicts in the form of New Cold Wars.

Authors:   Dr. Muhammad Anees Khan[1], Prof. Dr. Sayyed Azkia Hashmi[2], DOI:


Pashtuns are followed back to Afghans in their way of life. The historical backdrop of the Pashtun individuals is antiquated and quite a bit of it isn't completely investigated. Among these Pashtun's Khushal khan khattak (1613-1689) was an incredible writer, courageous warrior, researcher and head of the Khattak clan. He gave much weight on the solidarity of Pashtuns tribes and supported insurrection against the Mughal's. He likewise advanced Pashtun patriotism through his verse and presumably the primary Afghan who exhibited his speculations for the solidarity of the Pashtun clans against outside powers and for the production of an afghan state. He spent a greater amount of his life, in battling against the severe Mughal Empires. But question is this whys Khushal Khan against the Mughal empires? What are the reasons behind this? This paper will resolve that issue.

Authors:   Hifsa Batool [1], Abid Masood Khan [2], Nosheen Saba [3], DOI:


The objective of current study is to explore prevalence of depression and procrastination among general population who never visited any hospital or any other place for management of their sadistic life and to compare level of depression among clinically diagnosed depressive patients and general population of Punjab. It was core objective of study to explore whether procrastination is the cause of depression and for this purpose relationship between depression and procrastination is made. The sample N=240 comprised of 120 depressive individuals (60=male, 60=female) and 120 individual from general population (60=male and 60=female) living in Lahore, Multan and Faisalabad cities were selected through Purposive and snow ball sampling technique from different hospitals and residential areas. Beck depression inventory (BDI) by Aaron.T.Beck, (1971) and procrastination scale by Tuck man, (1991) were used as tools of the study. It was found out that depression is positively correlated with procrastination. Level of depression is high among married as compared to unmarried and Level of depression is high in males as compared to females. The level of procrastination is less in females as compared to males. Level of procrastination is low among unmarried as compared to married.

Authors:   Imraz Muhammad [1], Dr. Arif Khan [2], DOI:


Unsurprisingly, human being needs smooth, peaceful and a regularized system not only to survive, but to live well. To get it, human being has been continuously struggling since early times. Many written and unwritten efforts in this regard are found among which, the first written one is the Magna Carta of 1215. The Article 39 of the Magna Carta (1215) declared, “no freemen shall be taken or imprisoned or diseased exiled or in any way destroyed, nor will we go upon nor send upon, except by the lawful judgement of his peers or by the law of the land”. Ibn-e-Khaldun opines that the construction and deconstruction of society depends upon law. If on one hand, obedience of law rises empires then discarding it is equal to digging grave for empires. Sustainability of civilization is subject to rule of law. Those societies which follow laws strictly in their daily routine they are in the line of developed nations. Today Europe is in the epoch of greater civilization because they adopted the rule of law in its true spirit. Once Muslim world was civilised one until they believed on rule of law, equality and justice but fell down when started disobeying the principles of the rule of law. Since its very inception, “might is right " is the prevailing phenomena everywhere in Pakistan. Each and every department and even on individual level, the rule of law is not respected. No one cares to respect and follow rule of law that

Authors:   Kausar Yasmeen [1], Kashifa Yasmeen [2], Mustafa Malik [3], DOI:


The main aim of this study is to examine the influence of microfinance involvement on women’s empowerment. By using the questionnaire, 744 respondents were selected through simple random sampling methods to collect the data from non-borrowers and borrower’s women of National Rural Support Program (NRSP) and Khushhali Bank (KB) in Bahawalpur, Pakistan. This study applied the cross-sectional data and applied multinomial Logit to achieve its objectives. The findings reveal that the women who have microfinance are more empower relative to those who do not avail the microfinance so the coefficient of the loan size hike up women’s empowerment of movement. It is also revealed that there is no significant role of the English language on women's empowerment of movement. Educated women are more empowered. This paper contributes socially and economically.

Authors:   Munawar Javed Ahmad [1], Muhammad Fareed [2], Muhammad Farhan [3], DOI:


This study aimed to access service continuance intention and the mediating role of customer satisfaction in between the service quality, perceived price, and perceived value towards the service continuance intention of the health insurance customers in the context of Malaysia. Data were collected from international university students. Simple random sampling technique was used to collect the data from the 264 respondents. PLS-SEM technique was employed to test the model and proposed hypotheses. Findings of this study discovered that all three factors (service quality, perceived price, and perceived value) significantly affect customer satisfaction and service continuance intention. Moreover, this study demonstrated that customer satisfaction plays a significant positive role to mediate the relationship between the service quality, perceived price, and perceived value toward the service continuance intention. The findings of this research advocates that health insurance firms operating in Malaysia should focus to enhance the service quality, offer competitive price, and deliver the best value to the customer which significantly improve customer satisfaction. Consequently, customer satisfaction triggers the customer toward continues business transaction with the same insurance firm.

Authors:   Nargis Zaman [1], Dr. Farah Khan [2], DOI:


The collapse of empires and the rise of nations was a distinguishing political shift in the making of the contemporary modern world. The surge of China is also portrayed by drastic economic and political transition of the 21st century. With the commencement of communist revolution in 1949, People's Republic of China was established. The economy and politics of the nation have encouraged numerous times, largely because of the leaders and their massively surprising objectives. Since then, Beijing has made remarkable progress in its political and economic growth. Being the most influential leader, Mao Zedong put China in the right direction by replacing old system and introducing “Great leap Forward” to organize agriculture. He began “Cultural Revolution” to revitalize the innovative spirit of the Chinese people. After Mao's death, other powerful leader Deng Xiaoping ruled China and significantly developed good relations with other states and focused China's economy. Xi jinping who is the most powerful president after Deng Xiaoping brought improvement in education sector, launched financial reforms and unlocked China to the globe to attract foreign investment and energized private sector, flourish economy and make china politically strong. Beijing has been vigorously struggled and involved in economic activities by surpassing Japan in 2008 and became world's second largest economy from 2011. Xi Jinpin

Authors:   Syed Nadeem Juman Shah[1], Riaz Hussain Shah[2], Prof.Dr. Muneeruddin Soomro[3], DOI:


This study explored the “Training and development impact on employee's performance: a case study of government colleges”. The main aim of the study was to find out the government colleges training and development programs in Hyderabad, Pakistan.110 samples were used through primary data collection from senior-staff of colleges. Self administered questionnaires were used and all collected data were analyzed through SPSS 23v software with help of demographical and descriptive information. This research is relevant to organizational issues, which shows lack of management's supports to trainings and developments programs. Results provide significant and positive impact on employee's performance through trainings and developments in the government colleges of Hyderabad, Pakistan. This research recommends the colleges of government's orders into doing well. Government's college of Hyderabad-Pakistan, all Organizational Headd departments were engaged there in training and development. These trainings and development built employee's strengthen and potential of employee's competency.

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