Authors:   Dr. Irfan Alam [1], M Farooq Baig [2], DOI: https://doi.org/10.37605/tauseeq.v1i2.7


Some people may think that the importance of classical poetry is less in modern times. In fact, the importance of classical thoughts never diminishes, but rather increases with each passing day. "The text is a self-sufficient structure that has a higher status than the author. Once the author finishes writing, there is a gap between the text and the reader." A new path is established. There is a relationship between the author and the text on the one hand and the reader on the other, in which the text and the author are considered soulless, even if they are alive, so the reader is born with the death of the author. And this birth is always accompanied by modern problems and resources. Attempts are being made to critically examine classical writings in the light of modern critical methods. Classical literature in every age requires a skilled reader who, following the context of the text, understands not only its meaning. He could even take an in-depth look at the text of that period. Ghalib and Iqbal are classical Urdu poets. Their words breathe new life into our bodies even today. Their poetry is still circulating around us today. In this article, writer has tried to understand and explain Ghalib and Iqbal's poetry in a new sense.
Authors:   Nazia Shahid [1], Dr. Anwar Ul Haq [2], DOI: https://doi.org/10.37605/tauseeq.v1i2.8


From the beginning of mankind to the present day, women have been afflicted with various kinds of problems in different periods, different religions and civilizations. During this period, there were some problems which disappeared with the changing times, but during this time some new problems arose which are more serious and need to be solved than the previous problems. ManzarBhopali, which is an important and prominent voice of contemporary Urdu poetry, resonates with these issues. In the article under review, the same modern feminine issues presented in ManzarBhopali'sKalam are discussed in a special way.

Authors:   Noreen Shafi [1], Prof. Dr. Abdusatar Khattak [2], DOI: https://doi.org/10.37605/tauseeq.v1i2.9


Halqa Arbab e Zauq Peshawar is a very active organization. This organization was established in 1948. Its meetings are held weekly. Arbab e Zauq Peshawar is one of the largest literary organizations in the country. News of the literary activities of the circle is read weekly. Theghazal of the constituency is almost as old as the history of Peshawar. As far as the ghazal recitation of Arbab e Zauq Peshawar is concerned, regular critical meetings were held in this regard from the very beginning. This organization promoted Urdu poetry, ghazal, fiction and literary criticism.

Authors:   Tayyab Nawaz [1], Dr. Nahid Rehman [2], DOI: https://doi.org/10.37605/tauseeq.v1i2.10


Among modern Muslim Thinkers, Perhaps, Iqbal is the most distinctive one Iqbal’s Purpose was absolutely different from that of Poets i. general he did not compose verses for the sake of fun. He did not create are for arts’s sake. He was the man of faith and vision, and a great philosophical poet of contemporary age. He had realized the Quranic concepts strongly. He explained these concepts in his Urdu, Persian poetry in a unique Style. The importance of Dua/ prayer in the poetry of Iqbal and the right way to follow the Islamic beliefs have been told in these pages.

Authors:   Raj Muhammad Afridi [1], Asiya Raj [2], Noreen Shafi [3], DOI: https://doi.org/10.37605/tauseeq.v1i2.11


Drama is the oldest genre of literature. It’s the act of telling a story in action. Drama reached India through different countries where Urdu drama came into being from Sanskrit drama. Due to the lack of interest of Muslims in India, reviewing the history of Urdu drama and deciding which is the first Urdu drama, has been a very complex issue. This article aims to determine the first Urdu play in the light of the views of the researchers

Authors:   Ijaz Ur Rehman [1], Muhammad Amjad Kalo [2], DOI: https://doi.org/10.37605/tauseeq.v1i2.12


If we look at the lifestyle of all the creatures on the planet, then human life is unique from the lifestyle of all creatures. No other creature is equal to the way of life and manners of the man. The main reason for this is that all the other creatures live according to their material consciousness (density). There is only man on earth who formulates most of the rules of living using this material consciousness as well as his will and power of speech. It is these principles of life that bring the man to the brink of civilization. Civilization is the characteristics that bring the man to the position of imam of the creatures on the earth. The article under reviews discuses research on civilization and its structural elements.

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