Authors:   Dr.Imtiyaz Ahmad [1], DOI: https://doi.org/10.37605/tauseeq.v3i1.25


This paper converses about the narrations, which are spread about Mir. Some of the chronicles are true and are true to Mir's poetic accoutrements, but because of the blind acceptance of many chronicles, the exact part of his word has disappeared from our eyes. The reason for this is that the Mir who is the real Mir could not appear before us. It was not the case that Mir's dominance was accepted by later people but was accepted by the people of his own epoch, nonetheless their basis was the same points that were considered during the publication of his selected Gazals. The paper therefore attempts to revisit four such basic assumptions: low and high of his poetic couplets, pessimism, general tone, and selection of Mir, in order to know the facts.

Authors:   Aqeel Ahmad Shah [1], Noreen Shafi [2], DOI: https://doi.org/10.37605/tauseeq.v3i1.26


The status of literary journalism in the world of literature has great importance and one cannot deny its significance and necessity in the present age. In Urdu literature in general and in other genres of literature such as criticism and research, there has been a disciplined and extensively overpowering tradition of journalism. Journalism in India began with English journals in the late eighteenth century. The first Urdu journal was published in 1837 under the name of "Khair Khawa Hind". Then began a never-ending series of Urdu magazines and journals. Apart from the magazines and journals of Sir Syed Movement and Anjuman Punjab, Sheikh Abdul Qadir's magazine "Makhzan" played an important role in strengthening the tradition of Urdu journalism.The following article contains a brief overview of the tradition of journalism in Urdu literature.

Authors:   Naheed Akhtar [1], DOI: https://doi.org/10.37605/tauseeq.v3i1.27


Inshaeya is a great example of modern prose.It is a genre of Urdu literature while Satire and Humor is a style of Literature.In Urdu Literature the word Inshaeya is used in the sence of the English word Light Essay .In Inshaeya, various occasions are observed in a light-hearted and interesting manner with freshness and gentleness while stying within the subject.In satire and Humor, laughter is stimulated through symbolism and good humor.The combination of the two frees the minds of readers of Urdu Literature from mental worry and gives them peace, contentment and happiness

Authors:   Aasma Nawaz [1], Dr.Ghuncha Begum [2], DOI: https://doi.org/10.37605/tauseeq.v3i1.28


Fareeda hafeez is considered one of the top modern story writters of 07's. In her literary life, Fareeda has seen and felt real life in all of its manifestations. That's why all of her literary achievements abound in beauty and decency as well as the heart rending aspects, incidents and realities that have been depicted in formal style. When describing these things, her style deviates from conventional course and turns forceful and eloquent. Exclusively, when she displays the horrible face of social discrepancies, communal disequilibrium and injustices, her style faithfully shows her strong emotional reaction against them. Apart from this, she truly represents the rights and emotions of the down- trodden and miserable people. Fareeda Hafeez had dedicated her entire life to journalism and the service of nation. She strongly felt the communal conflict and injuries scattered all around and this realization is hidden in her writings. In the world of journalism and literature, Fareeda Hafeez's name is self-introductory. She was not only a remarkable literary figure but also an outstanding columnist and prose writer. Her literary achievements are often received with deep interest.

Authors:   Zia ur Rahman [1], Dr. Subhanullah [2], Fazl e Kabir [3], DOI: https://doi.org/10.37605/tauseeq.v3i1.29


Qateel shifai is a great poet of Urdu language. Based on sublimity of his poetry, he represented Pakistan abrod for a long time. Qateel shifai experiment on various types of poetry but got popularity for his songs (Geet) and odes (Ghazliyat).He mostly wrote his odes (Ghazliyat) in rhythmic and melodic meters.Here only one „Bahr‟ out of his practiced “buhoor” named “Bahr-e- Hazaj” is under discussion.Qateel shifai has written as sum of about 108 odes (Ghazliyat) in eleven meters (Awzaan) of this “Bahr” which are included in his different collection. Among them 29 odes (Ghazliyat) are in “Hazj Musamman Salim measurement” while 79 are in ten different variants (Zuhaaf) of this “Bahr”

Authors:   Dr. Naqeeb ahmad Jan [1], Dr. Munazza Mubeen [2], DOI: https://doi.org/10.37605/tauseeq.v3i1.30


Extremism mingles over the globe as a result of restlessness and hatred amongst the nations and sects. Preferences change and the human being faces its destroying effects. Each and every single man is affected by extremism in human societies. Among them the poets are the people who feel things at the earliest and reflect them in their poetic works. These reflections survive and become a part of languages, literatures and cultures. A fund of words, vocabulary, similes and metaphors take place in each and every extraordinary incident. Contemporary world is the victim of extremism. Any extreme thought process, action or attitude other than the balanced is known as extremism. Balanced behaviour and attitude play a key role in the fulfillment of desired actions. The imposition of any set of belief, values and attitude leads to the multiplication of extremism and it is so poisonous that it leads to the destruction of whole human society. History is repeating itself as extremism is once again pushing the globe towards ignorance and the darkness of the dark. Asia and particularly the subcontinent is the prime victim of extremism. Poet of this region has never turned a blind eye to the depiction of this havoc. Extremism has led to the emergence of new words, similes, metaphor and other figures of speech. Which are to be a part of the language and literature and to be survived? These words will be analyzed and discussed in a new getup and meanings as similes and metaphors of extremism used by poets and writers of this era. As a result of this research new words and figures of speech will be illustrated which are thoroughly used and are in practice by contemporary poets? The methodology used in this research will be both comparative and quantitative.As a result, this article will give glimpses of impacts of extremism on the modern Urdu poetry.

Volume No. 03

Issue No. 01