National Journal of Biological Sciences (NJBS)

Complaint Process:

Before submitting manuscripts, authors are requested to read all the guidelines and policies regarding processing and publication of the manuscript. Editors have very wide preference in determining whether an article is an appropriate fit for their journal.

The authors can submit their complaints if issues are related to:

Plagiarism, Copyright violation, inclusion of wrong research results, defilements in set standard for research, Unfairness in review process, delay in manuscript processing time, unsatisfactorily peer-review comments and/or authorship issues.

Complaint Procedure:

Authors have right to submit a complaint in case of misconduct or breaching ethics and in case of any above mentioned issues and can ask for self-explanation. This will helps in improving the research standards and enhance manuscript process system. The authors or scholars can submit an application to:

Dealing with Complaints:

Once a complaint is received, at first an acknowledgement will be send to the complainant with declaration that appropriate action will be taken on complaint within five working days excluding the complaint receiving date. The investigation process will be initiated by the Journal handling team according to the directions of the Editor-In-Chief. After the investigation overs, a meeting will held with complete report on the complaint. The decision will be forwarded to the concerned scholar through his submitted email ID.