National Journal of Biological Sciences (NJBS)

The Review Process

  1. Reviewers are informed about details of the review process.
  2. National Journal of Biological Sciences (NJBS) ensure that all the published papers have gone through a double-blind peer review, and at least one of the reviewers is from outside the country.
  3. National Journal of Biological Sciences (NJBS) make sure that peer-review is masked in both directions and as such the identity of the author is removed from the manuscript prior to its review in order to protect the confidentiality and privacy.
  4. The Reviewers are provided with sufficient guidelines for review process, and a reviewer comment form for recording his/her comments is also provided.
  5. The Editor ensures that peer review process is prompt, nondiscriminatory and highly professional.
  6. National Journal of Biological Sciences (NJBS) have a system of confidentiality of research papers undergoing the review process.
  7. The reviewers' comments are shared promptly with the author(s) and editorial team makes sure that the corrections suggested by the reviewers are incorporated by the author(s) in true letter and spirit.
  8. The Editor refers troublesome cases (e.g. in case of one acceptance and one rejection or any conflict arisen after review) to Advisory Committee in order to resolve the matter cordially.