International Journal of Psychological and Behavioural Research (IJPBR)

Complaint Process:

Editorial board of IJPBR is committed to offer quality services to its contributors and believes in building trust and respect with all the authors, and researchers. In order to ensure the maintenance of high quality, IJPBR believes to improve by responding to appeals and complaints and rectifying its mistakes.

Complaint must relate to contents, procedures, or policies that are the responsibility of IJPBR editorial staff.

Authors/readers can submit their appeal directly at:
The application must provide detail rationalization. The chief editor would look after the matter independently and forward it to some appropriate IJPBR editorial board member. Finally, the board member after going through the whole complaint/justification can finally recommend acceptance of appeal, further review, or maintain the original decision (if any).

Time Frame for Complaint Process:

Initial response to the complaint will be made within 5 working days. Further full response will be given within two weeks if possible. If this is not possible an interim response will be given. Complaints processing can take time depending on the matter.