Aims & Scope

Aim & Scope:

The aim of the International Journal of literature, Linguistics and Translation Studies is to publish articles that contribute significantly to the body of knowledge. Though IJLLTS prefers papers based on empirical work, review articles and case studies are also considered for publication. International Journal of literature, Linguistics and Translation Studies invite contributions from scholars and experts to share knowledge and encourage healthy debate in wide ranging area of literature, language and translation studies.

The Quality of research publications are subject to the conscientious plagiarism check, screening process and double-blind peer review by national and international scholars owing strong research background and expertise in their respective areas.  The published articles are intended for the provision of enriched resource to local, regional as well as international readers to enhance their knowledge and concepts. The submitted articles are reviewed by editorial, advisory board and either peer referees through a double-blind peer review process as a mandatory component. The Journal welcomes contributions from all corners of the world. Moreover, participation from the developing countries is welcomed keeping in view of its under-representation in research journals published in the West.

The International Journal of literature, Linguistics and Translation Studies publishes research papers in the fields of language, literature and translation studies.