Authors:   Dr. Muhammad Noman Khalid [1], Dr. Abdul Majid [2], Dr. Miraj Ali [3], DOI:


Life is progressing headway by degrees. Today's world has changed a lot from the antecedent one. Today is the period of the pinnacle of the development of science and other arts. Life is changing its forms every moment of life. The forms of state security are no longer what they used to be in the past, so international agreements between two or more countries have become very foremost cardinal. International laws and agreements have become a slice of living word's politics. Especially since the establishment of the United Nations, hundreds of countries of the world have signed innumerable of international agreements. Many of these contracts contradict the Qur'an and Sunnah, above all these laws are forced upon the contracting countries by force, and those countries that violate these laws are charged with violating the treaty. Threats of strict action are given as an excuse. Some international agreements are also enforced on the people of contracting countries Arrival is made. Because wholesome of are related to the people and some are related to the state, that being the case, in this article, these agreements have been reviewed, that amongst these laws which are banafide and which are illegal in the sharia vantage point ?

Authors:   Hafiz Abdul Majid Ansari [1], Waqar Ahmad [2], Naheeda Bibi [3], DOI:


No conscious human being in the world wants war. However, in some cases war is inevitable. Because of which people have to fight. Because of which people have to fight. Different nations have some rules and guidelines regarding war which they consider an integral part of war, Islam has given humanity the most comprehensive laws and rules of war, Therefore, the causes of war are also mentioned in detail in Islamic teachings and the things that need to be taken care of during the war are also explained. These laws of war are described in detail in the Qur'an and Sunnah. And Muslims are urged to follow them. This article first discusses the aims of war according to Islamic teachings. Later, the principles and rules of war and the limits and restrictions are explained in detail. And finally, the results of the research are mentioned.

Authors:   Muhammad Noman [1], Dr. Aman Ullah [2], Dr. Noor Ul Haq [3], DOI:


Islam is the only religion which has given utmost importance to knowledge and education. Islam greatly emphasized on the importance, need and obligation of education. Importance of education can be evaluated by the first reveal)ویح )on Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم which wasا" ارقا) "Read). Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم made it mandatory for every Muslim, man and woman, to acquire knowledge. That is why a large number of educated personas -from Muslim scholars and researchers to scientist and specialist-are found in the history of Islam. Indeed, they explored the real meaning of knowledge and presented it to the world, with their vast investigations, great experiments and studies. We cannot restrict their work to some certain areas. They researched in Quran, Hadees, Jurisprudence, Beliefs, Logic, Philosophy, language studies, Physics, Psychology, modern arts and many other subjects. Their innovated thoughts, ideas and experiments set ground for many modern researches. Now, modern world is accepting and implementing the theory of Education presented by Islam 1400 years ago and which was being practiced in the Golden Era of Islam. In this article, we will be discussing the education theory of Islam and some of its basic concepts.

Authors:   Muhammad Tahir [1], Dr. Saleem Ur Rehman [2], DOI:


Ghaniyyah al-Qari is the commentary of the most authentic book of hadith “Sahih Al Bukhari” whixh is a hand-written manuscript. The author has discussed in detail every matter in Bukhari, One of these matters is reconciliation. After defining it, the author has explained it by quoting several hadiths on its importance. The importance of reconciliation in Islamic law has been presented in the Qur'an and Sunnah. Guiding the people was the duty of all the Prophets and those who believed in them. The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم (went to make peace between the two groups, as narrated by Sahl ibn Sa'ad, and the Messenger of Allaah (صلى الله عليه وسلم (said: The Shari'ah has made it permissible to lie when reconciling between two groups. As the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم (said: there are three occasions where there is room for lying: At the time of reconciliation between husband and wife, During the war, and when making peace between people, Reforming people is better than fasting, Reconciliation attracts people to love each other. It is a testament to regional development and peace. It pushes people towards good deeds. The Author of Ghunyat Al Qari discussed the Topic in detail in the light of Hadiths and Asar

Authors:   Dr. Sajid Mehmood [1], Dr. Ameer Nawaz Khan [2], Mehboob Ilahi [3], DOI:


Discipline is beauty, Whether in the individual, family or society. Islam is a universal religion that has taught discipline in every field. Therefore, Muslim thinkers have come up with an idea in this regard, one of which is Ibn Sina. Ibn Sina believes that the system of the world requires wisdom, good governance, political insight, and prudent orders. To maintain the system and make human life ordered, tranquil, and fruitful. Good management is the unit that brings about positive changes in the human lifestyle, which saves time and money from being wasted. , So that he can do all his affairs on time. With good personal management, a person with a plan to carry out his individual and collective tasks day and night is always booming—the guarantee of security. Good governance is a name of politics. Without this, no society can survive. Ibn Sina's view is that discipline must first begin with oneself. After reforming himself, he will consider the good manners and reforms of the family and, last but not least, try to guide the city and the region. In this context, if we look at the cause of our inner turmoil, it will be apparent that today we are concerned about the betterment of others While we do not worry about self-improvement. Thus we are concerned with the reform of the family before our reform and strive for society's reform and discipline before the family's reform. That is why we fail in the discipline and good manners of society. Ibn Sina focuses on this and describes the stages of the excellent order of organization he researched in this research paper.

Authors:   Umar Wahid [1], Dr. Aurangzeb Kharani [2], Ghazala Shaheen [3], DOI:


The foundational belief in Christianity is Trinity. This teaching holds that God is actually a triune being, consisting of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The phrase "trinity" does not appear in the Bible, and the closest text to the idea of a trinity is (John 10:30), which states, "I and the Father are one." However, Christian academics often take this verse out of context. The term "trinity" (تثلیث ( has been mentioned in the Quran (Al- isa: 171, Al Maeda: 73), although the Quran neglects any explanation of the distinctive characteristics of the Trinity's members. The Quran presents a false understanding of the Trinity, according to the American philosopher and theologian Norman L. Geisler, who uses Al Maeda:116 in his book "Answering Islam: The Crescent in Light of the Cross”. In this article, the mention of Ayah will be explained in the context of the opinions of well-known Muslim exegetists.

Authors:   Qismatullah Khan [1], Dr. Irfan Ullah [2], DOI:


The declaration of age for changing religion is not proved in the Qurʽan, hadith, and all other Islamic injunctions. A bill was recently introduced for approval in the Senate and National Assembly of Pakistan titled "Forcible Religious Conversion." The bill states that a person whose age is below 18 years and accepts another religion shall not be taken until their parents or any protector adopt that religion. Similarly, the Sindh assembly in 2016, Uttar Pradesh, the Indian province, and the Parliament of New Zealand have also passed such a bill. If we look at such a bill, it opposes Islamic principles and is also against the laws of an international system like the UN. Because someone is prohibited from accepting Islam or other religion, they are free and independent. Likewise, there is no permission for forcible religious conversion, and neither declares punishment on an individual after accepting another religion. The age declaration for changing religion is just like an impediment to getting and spreading Islam. This article will examine whether there is an age limit for voluntary conversion and what is the rule of international law and Islamic law in this regard.

Authors:   Hafiz Muhammad Shariq [1], Dr. Aurangzeb Kharani [2], Dr. Fatima Saba [3], DOI:


Prophet Abraham is the father of the three Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. His unshakable devotion and obedience to God have earned him respect from all three religions. The life of Prophet Abraham is richly documented in sacred texts. However, due to a lack of archaeological evidence, many contemporary philosophers view the figure of Abraham (a.s) as mythology. However, there are no in-depth descriptions of Abraham's life in ancient sources. Still, Modern archaeology has many findings which confirm the historicity of this Semitic figure and its society, even his name. Excavations in Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, and Syria have revealed artifacts, inscriptions, and other things that correspond to Abraham's social background described in the Bible and Quran. This article is an attempt to presents social background of Prophet Abraham (as) as described in the Quran and Bible. In order to prove that Abraham was a real person, the research will also show that how these facts can be confirmed by modern archaeology.

Authors:   Dr Muhammad Umar Riaz Abbasi [1], DOI:


Media has a major role in conflicted the news we see and hear. Journalists use different mass media in shaping their news and presenting it to the world. In the Muslim societies, conflict preservation and peace building is important to understand the values and media dynamics in making decisions for spreading peace on the news channels and entertainment. Media is a source of inciting towards violence. It is an acceptable tool for the audience in getting updates about the world. Media act as an interpreter in making people dependent on it. With the technological advancement, it has become a major part of our daily entertainment and communication source. Being a gatekeeper, it portrays balance view, filter the issues and set agendas to provide entertainment to the world. Muslim societies are badly affected by the media in case of reputation. Muslims are low graded in the entire world because of Taliban’s and other terrorists. Media is a source of building peace for the Muslim societies in the world. By showing the right side of the Muslim societies, the world would be able to accept and love Muslims all around the world. Media can work on peace negotiation and mobilize people support in creating peace and preventing conflicts for the Muslim societies. The aim of achieving a peace-built life is to create positive relations all around the world and it could only be done through the media. Media is a very big source of spreading peace, positivity and preventing conflicts regarding the Muslim society. Successful media campaigns can be done to show the real side of Muslims and make the world aware about the real Muslim societies. To achieve this change, many worldwide Islamic organizations can cooperate on media to disseminate on peace agreement information. There would be many acceptable experiences change regarding peace building and conflict prevention for the Muslim societies. 

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