Aims & Scope

Aims & Scope: The aim of the Journal of Fahm-i-Islam is to encourage publishing articles of high profile peculiarly contributing to the gigantic treasure of Islamic Literature as well as academic pursuits. No doubt, JFII is aimed at promoting publication of genuine research works, but case studies and review articles are also invited to be included in the content list. Sound deliberations on different contemporary issues, healthy debates in wide ranging areas of Islamic Sciences are highly appreciated by the Editorial Board of JFII for the benefit of students and research scholars. It, very often happens that contributions of scholars and subject experts of high caliber are preferred for publication only to share knowledge as well as inspire scholars involved in research pursuits. The journal welcomes contributions from all and sundry without any discrimination. Not only research works of local, regional and national as well as international experts are published, but those who are hailing from developing countries are also accommodated. Efforts are always intensified to enhance the quality of research works by passing the same through meticulous plagiarism check, screening process and double blind peer review by national as well as international scholars of high repute. In addition to that the submitted articles are intensively examined by editorial and advisory boards. The JFII manages publication of research papers in the field of Islamic Studies, Islamic History, Seerah and Arabic Language as well as Arabic Literature besides, other Islamic Social Sciences. This journal welcomes contributions from all regions and corners of the globe. It especially, encourages participation from the developing countries in view of their minimum representation in research journals published in the developed countries. Selection of articles for publication is strictly based on merit duly checked as well as reviewed by the advisory board and peer referees through a double blind peer review process. This peer review, as per rules of the HEC has been categorically, made mandatory for the publication process of the research articles. In prospective view of the Women University Mardan, the JFII, which is only one year old (having been launched in January, 2018), it has proved to be a precious addition in the cluster of the on- line and otherwise publications of our beloved country Pakistan.